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A Modern Classic by a Master of the Macabre In a New Revised Edition

An ancient evil deep beneath New York City turns subway stations into bloody altars for ritual sacrifice. Monsters made of blood arise from drains, an invisible hellhound devours human flesh, feral children stalk the shadowy streets and make murder a terrifying game. Occult investigator Carl Lanyard risks his life, his love, and his sanity as he battles the unspeakable forces of darkness.

William Gibson (Introduction to Heatseeker):
"Today [1988], the relentless over-the-top horror-baroque of Cellars brings Clive Barker to mind. It reads like Lovecraft on PCP. In 1982, there was nothing quite like it."

Edward Lee (Introduction to Cellars)
"Cellars proved to be one of my strongest creative inspirations, ever. It seems unreal to me that I first read it nearly a quarter of a century ago...Yet after all that time, it's one of the few horror novels I'm first to recall. Because it was a progenitor to a good-sized pie wedge of the horror market in 2006. Some books are timeless, immune to fading from their original creative luster, and Shirley's early masterpiece of the form is one such endeavor. I hope this new edition of Cellars inspires new writers today the way it inspired me so long ago....The bottom line is this: One of the very first hardcore horror novels truly remains one of the very best, even after two and a half decades. "

Rick Kleffel
"Shirley's 1982 novel of urban monsters and terror seems just as fresh, just as scary now as it did back then." [Trashotron]

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