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Sep 15

Two days after 9/11 anniversary: “Truthers” agree with Bush Admin

Two days past 9/11 anniversary it occurs to me that there’s a gigantic irony that may also be…strangely understandable. Simultaneously, 9/11 “truthers” and those in government who didn’t act when they had preliminary warning about the attacks on 9/11 believe, or believed, the same thing: that the idea of foreign originated amateur pilot hijackers taking over four planes the same day and crashing them into four buildings that day–seemed crazy, wouldn’t happen. (Three of the four happened.)

You see, there *was* warning about it, there was chatter; George Tenet and others tried to warn the Bush administration that there were indications terrorists were planning an attack and some apparently planned to hijack planes and crash them into significant American buildings. But apparently the reason people like Condie Rice didn’t take the warning seriously is that an attack of that kind seemed unprecedented, which made it seem improbable… it just sounded like something terrorists couldn’t pull off. But al-Qaeda had planned it for years, they had substantial financial backing from sympathetic Saudis and cover from the Taliban, they had trained for it using special software and small plane flying lessons, they were served by the element of surprise, they were fairly lucky…and apparently they were protected by the “nah, they couldn’t do that” factor.

So-called “truthers”–who are utterly mistaken–also cite, amongst other things, the “improbability” of amateur pilots pulling all this off on the same day. They *agree* with the pre-911 Bush administration’s dismissal of the possibility! That’s a huge irony.

US intelligence and military services learned from the event, however. The conspiracy theorists learned nothing.


Jun 15

Are Conspiracy Theorists Crazy? Not usually. Mostly, they’re being Decieved.

I think it’s unfair to many of my conspiracy-theory-minded friends to call them crazy. I have other friends who say, “oh those people are nuts”…Some truly hardcore con-theory fanatics are indeed trending into pathological paranoia, or perhaps personality disorders, but I believe that most conspiracy theory believers are sane. Even 911 “truthers” and chemtrail enthusiasts and New World Order theorists–most are sane. They’re just being *misled*. They have been deceived. And there are other problems they face…

1) Many of our con-theory friends are being misled within a media that no one fully understands yet–this media. The internet. For example, you have bogus “leaked footage of missile that hit pentagon” posts and so on, on youtube (any jackass can put anything on youtube), and on sites like “beforeitsnews”, a site shown again and again and again and again to be without merit, without factuality. Yet it’s possible for a site like this to sound superficially convincing. People are “suspending disbelief” in much the same way they do in watching The Hobbit movies, or Dr Who–but they don’t realize they’re doing it. . .These sites exist to *harvest clicks* for the sale of ads or for the sake of the ultimate sale of the site. They deliberately make stuff up, or cherrypick, or exaggerate, or share any damn thing if it increases visits to the site…They don’t care who they lie to or lie about or who it hurts. It’s all about money. They mislead people–for money., and…

2) other conspiracy-theory folks have become invested, psychologically, personally, in a defensive kind of way, in these theories. They spend years, in toto, arguing for them, and it damages the fundament of their self image, what they imagine to be their basic personhood–or they unconsciously fear it will damage it–if they give their treasured theories up. . .Some few are even financially invested–besides the websites I mentioned, there are people paid to lecture and market videos and write books on the subject.

3) I’m going to take a risk on this–it’ll piss even *more* people off. But… Certain people make a big mistake with their *careless* use (notice I said careless use, not use!) of mind altering substances while navigating the treacherous shoals of the internet.Just as you shouldn’t drive drunk, you shouldn’t get baked before considering historic issues in a conspiracy context. You may find that if you get really stoned before going online, and you spend too much time on youtube truther videos or UFO videos or David Icke lectures, you may absorb beliefs you wouldn’t absorb if you spent, say, a week without getting high. Go on the internet high by all means, and enjoy music and humor and art. But other kinds of online pursuits are problematic on drugs. Just as a stoned person will find pareidolia illusion patterns in woodgrain on a wall, they’ll also tend to take too seriously the seductive patterns generated by a conspiracy theorist’s self-serving Connecting of Dots That Don’t Really Connect. Yes–some few people are so intellectually sharp and skilled with dope this won’t happen. Me, I’m not one of those experienced, sharp people–I’d get totally lost if I, say, smoked hash and went online…

*No* I’m not saying pot, hash, psychedelics are bad things! Not! Saying! That! I’m saying there’s a time and place for everything. Parsing historic truth is not the time and place for getting high, in my opinion.

(No I’m NOT saying there are never conspiracies. Iran-Contra, CIA scams to fund unsavory missions with drug money, history showing conspiracies of many kinds–like the one against Julius Caesar. What I’m doing is using the term “conspiracy theory” in its modern manifestation indicating a particular array of beliefs.)