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Oct 19

A new American Holiday–VLADIMIR PUTIN DAY!

We just had Columbus Day, in celebration of a guy who enslaved and brutalized natives. If we’re going to do that, why not have Boston Strangler Day, or, I don’t know, Jim Jones Day? But actually, here’s one that could get White House approval: Vladimir Putin Day.

Why not? Clearly our nation’s administration is closely allied with the Putin Regime. We remember that cozy, babbling meeting he took with Russian diplomats, and a Russian spy master, in the White House itself. We remember the three hour conference he had with Vlad, behind locked doors, alone but for a translator whose notes Trump confiscated. We recall Trump was elected at least partly due to Russian interference. The Washington Post reminds us: “There were, according to the Moscow Project, ’101 contacts between Trump’s team and Russia linked operatives,’ and ‘the Trump team tried to cover up every single one of them.’”

Trump works hard to undermine the FBI, and our intelligence services–an undermining that is very useful to the ex KGB official Vlad Putin. Trump derides and undermines the European Union and NATO–which must be very pleasing to Vlad. Trump gushes praise for Putin. Trump endorses pro-Russian leaders in Eastern Europe. Trump was going to support the rebellion in Venezuela with troops–then backed off when it turned out that Russia didn’t want them supported. And as WaPo points out “Trump has effectively done nothing in response to the Russian attack on Ukrainian ships in international waters, thereby encouraging greater Russian aggression.”

Trump has taken a number of other actions helpful to Putin–most recently, withdrawing all troops and American military support from Syria. Which is exactly what Putin wants.

The new holiday should please a certain large segment of Americans. Putin is far-right, neo-fascist in style. So are Trump followers.

So why not a new holiday in the USA? VLAD PUTIN DAY! Everyone gets a day off–so it’ll be popular. We’ll make it the Winter Solstice, which is either the 21st or 22nd of December, depending, so that the holiday is on the shortest day of the year. That is, the day with the least sunlight.

Vlad doesn’t like sunlight. Not the kind that gives us truth.

See you at the bar for vodka next Vladimir Putin Day everyone!

   –thanks to Micky Shirley for the idea of having Vlad Putin Day–