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May 20

“OK to re-open businesses since mostly people of color & Democrats will die”

I was just listening to the Stephanie Miller show ( ) and she read a letter from a Trump follower who defended Trump’s encouragement of re-opening businesses despite the danger of spreading the virus saying, “Most of those who would die are black or brown and are Democrats”…

I just wanted to mention that somewhere.

Trump favors early re-opening so that the economy will pick up so that he will be re-elected. He does not care who dies, so long as he’s re-elected. He’s really into being re-elected not just for the usual reasons but also because if he’s no longer President he can be arrested for money laundering, among other things.

Dec 19

The Worst–and the Worst

The Internet brings out the worst in people–and it brings out the worst people.

Let us review a few facts. There were harassers and stalkers and bullies before the internet existed, but far fewer; the internet has offered cover to people who would have been too scared to act this way before; with its ease of access, its bells and whistles, it has even seduced people, who might’ve stayed harmlessly in the background, into bullying, into lying, into targeting innocent people for kicks. Recently, a man on the left side of a political argument was discovered, by the Trumpies who wanted to bully him, to have epilepsy. So they targeted him with a tweet that flashed in certain patterns, saying he “deserved a seizure”–and he did have a vicious seizure as a direct result. He might’ve died if his wife hadn’t found him. The internet seduces by offering more ways to do harm…

There was a time when white supremacists mostly stayed hidden under their rocks. But Trump’s Bully(ing) Pulpit and the internet’s anonymity has allowed them to emerge into a digital public space where they’re free to use the Big Lie, repeated over and over–with Conspiracy Theory as its verbal delivery system–to increase their numbers and their sway; indeed, to give them real power for the first time. Russian operatives, child molesters, con artists of all kinds, purveyors of the *actual* fake news, are empowered by the web. Yes, our media now brings out the worst in people and brings us the worst people. The internet has many good uses; medical and scientific data passed, legit news, contact for shut-ins, the better forms of free expression–I’m using it here to make a statement on my blog–but it’s out of control; it’s  a wilderness, and we’re lost in it.

Strange to think that we must also be clear on what fake news is fake news. The President appropriated the term, in his instinctive 1984-style “up is down, blue is red” system of applied chaos, so that he can point at legitimate news sources–The Washington Post, or for that matter the Denver Post, any genuine newspaper or legitimate media outlet– and tell his followers it’s “fake news”. And they’ll believe him. Whereas right-wing extremists, purveyors of conspiracy theories, Russian bots and operatives, and the Alex Joneses of the world are spewing *actual* fake news.

The actuality of fake news –that is, of the existence of fake news–is an irony, but false news stories are a fact in the new reality of the popularization of the Big Lie in all its forms…

Aug 19


As of August 9, 2019, 538’s calculation of polls reveals that 42.1 per cent of Americans approve of Trump.

42.1 percent of Americans don’t care that Donald J. Trump boasted in a published memoir that he seduced his friend’s wives.

42.1 percent of Americans don’t care that Donald J. Trump boasted to People Magazine that he was having affairs throughout his early marriages and intimate relationships.

42.1 percent of Americans don’t care that Donald J. Trump author of “The Art of the Deal”, lost more than a billion dollars in ten years, and had four of his companies declare bankruptcy.

42.1 percent of Americans don’t care that Donald J. Trump’s companies have been cited for 24 violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act since 2005 for failing to pay overtime or minimum wage.

42.1 percent of Americans don’t care that Donald J. Trump was sued 3500 times, or that hundreds of the lawsuits were for refusing to pay contractors and employees.

42.1 percent of Americans don’t care that Donald J. Trump has a long history of personal racism including refusing to rent to black tenants and lying to black applicants about whether apartments were available.

42.1 percent of Americans don’t care that Donald J. Trump set up a fake university and had to pay a 25 million dollar settlement for defrauding students.

42.1 percent of Americans don’t care that Donald J. Trump partied with Jeffrey Epstein, a man who’s been convicted of multiple counts of sex with underage girls and who is being prosecuted for sex trafficking and rape.

42.1 percent of Americans don’t care that Donald J. Trump was notorious for insisting on coming into the dressing rooms of beauty pageant contestants to ogle them while they were undressed.

42.1 percent of Americans don’t care that Donald J. Trump can be heard on tape saying, “…when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

42.1 percent of Americans don’t care that Donald J. Trump illegally paid off a porn star with campaign funds, to cover up his casting-couch sexual tryst with her.

42.1 percent of Americans don’t care that Donald J. Trump has a white supremacist on his staff , that he said many of the neo-Nazis at protests were “fine people” and that he said Mexican immigrants were “rapists”.

42.1 percent of Americans don’t care that Donald J. Trump instituted a policy of tearing immigrant children, including toddlers, away from their parents and jailing the parents and children separately, in bad conditions.

42.1 percent of Americans don’t care that Donald J. Trump has been caught baldly lying literally thousands of times while President.

42.1 percent of Americans don’t care that Donald J. Trump has been clearly shown to have lied about the nature of immigrants who were in the caravans coming to seek asylum in the USA.

42.1 percent of Americans don’t care that Donald J. Trump has expressed admiration for dictators who’ve had people brutally killed.

42.1 percent of Americans don’t care that Donald J. Trump was cheerfully elected with the help of a foreign power.

42.1 percent of Americans don’t care that Donald J. Trump chose cabinet members whose stated desire was to destroy the agencies they were appointed to head.

42.1 percent of Americans don’t care that Donald J. Trump’s campaign chairman was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison for financial crimes, and that four other close Trump associates have pled guilty to federal charges.

42.1 percent of Americans don’t care that Donald J. Trump is being investigated regarding accusations he directed an illegal hush-money scheme to silence other women who said they had sex with him while he was married.

42.1 percent of Americans don’t care that Donald J. Trump is being investigated in light of increasing evidence that his companies have been actively laundering money for Russian oligarchs.

42.1 percent of Americans don’t care that Donald J. Trump has cancelled our nuclear arms treaty, giving Russia a free pass to build up nuclear weapons.

42.1 percent of Americans don’t care about the hypocrisy of Donald J. Trump’s companies continuing to hire undocumented workers at construction sites, despite the workers being here illegally.

Jun 19


LATEST POINTLESS “NEWS STORY” FROM CNN – Headline: “Walmart is getting rid of its blue vests. Here’s what the new ones look like” – no, really. That’s the actual headline. And there’s nothing else in the article of any interest whatsoever. Why does “no one cares!” not matter to CNN? And this did not appear in some kind of business affairs section. No, it was of general interest! To no one.

Years ago, I worked as an assistant at a marketing company. Firms would give us press releases about their new products to the marketing company, which the market outfit sent, almost verbatim, to contacts at newspapers—and which sometimes appeared in newspapers just as we at the marketing company had written them. This creeping laziness took root in the moldering loam of cynicism. I’m pretty sure this Wal-Mart “news” piece originated with a Wal-Mart press release. And we see actual articles about “the new burger from Burger King”—and nope, it’s not an ad. Or is it? Does CNN get revenue for pieces like this, revenue it isn’t letting us know about? Anyway, if you’re going to publish articles of no serious interest to anyone, how about this, which is at least accurate reporting: Latest Processed Food Garbage Offers Even More Calories and Carbs For Customers Who Prefer To Feel Like Crap.

YOU’LL SUCK PLASTIC AND YOU’LL LIKE IT – “Globally, we are ingesting an average of 5 grams of plastic every week, the equivalent of a credit card, a new study suggests. This plastic contamination comes from ‘microplastics’ — particles smaller than five millimeters — which are making their way into our food, drinking water and even the air.” That’s CNN too and it’s one of their actually newsworthy pieces. It’s also ironically appropriate. We’re choking sea life with our plastic waste, after all, so we deserve to choke on it too. And the comparison to swallowing a credit card’s worth of plastic has a certain unintended poetry—mindless consumers lean heavily into credit. They use those cards like—well, like crazy. And their mindless consumerism encourages the plastic-bound throwaway culture that’s wrecking the biosphere.

NEW FRONTIERS OF SHALLOWNESS: “They Have Millions of Instagram Followers, but They’re Not Real People” – New York Times …Fans of songs by “Lil Miquela” were shocked to hear that the supposed singer who has supposedly “worked with Prada” and supposedly “has a tattoo designed by a fashionable artist”…isn’t real. She’s made of pixels and voicing and she’s designed to attract followers and likes. But there are lots of these fake human beings—literally fake, not just “ha-ha, he’s so fake”, and it’s not just vapid teens who get sucked in. Adults, too, gape ingenuously at these glittery, disturbingly real-looking “persons” on Instagram and YouTube. You have to be remarkably shallow—like a millimeter-deep pool of liquid graphene—to believe that these creatures are real. They look realistic but everything about them, to those who’re paying attention, says they’re not even as real as scripted actors in full make-up. They’re CGI. And they’re not based on anyone in particular—they’re based on glamorous tropes. Their followers are so conditioned by hand-screen media their reactions become utterly knee jerk–they really don’t give their brains time to process what’s real and what isn’t.

Deepfake news stories—visual lies  now on the way to your cell phone, to further condition and distract you–come to mind, too. It’s another level of deceptive CGI… People have always been prone to falling under the sway of superficial media personalities —ask your favorite demagogue or popstar—but humanity has reached a new level of inane pliability. Which means we can be led…anywhere.

ANTI-VAX MILLIONAIRES – From the Washington Post: “A wealthy Manhattan couple has emerged as significant financiers of the anti-vaccine movement, contributing more than $3 million in recent years to groups that stoke fears about immunizations…” That’s a hedge fund manager named Bernard Selz and his wife, Lisa—gibbering paranoids who are doing a lot to stimulate anti-vaccine hysteria.

Here’s what will eventually come about, in your lifetime, because of people like this:  major plagues that will kill millions of people. You think the new measles phenomenon is bad? Pshaw. That’s nothing in comparison to what anti-vaxxers will shower upon us.

Thanks to climate change, viruses and bacteria once found only in relatively remote regions of the world are increasingly able to spread far and wide—to places where more people throng. The more people an infectious disease reaches–the more people it will go on to reach. It will expand exponentially…Plagues will arise. Hard working scientists will make vaccines available to counter major new pathogens and anti-vaxxers will block the vaccines. And when humanity realizes that millions could have been saved if not for anti-vaxxers, people like Mr and Mrs Selz may well end up being prosecuted for manslaughter. And they’re very likely indeed to be vastly, hugely, multitudinously — sued!

THE DNC IS GOING TO FORCE ME TO DO SOMETHING I DON’T WANT TO DO. And yes—I will submit to any DNC nomination, whoever it is, as the alternative will be worse….I have this sick feeling that the DNC is going to force me to vote for Joe Biden. Despite his long history of racial insensitivity predicating his recent senescence-driven racial gaffe; despite his history of being demeaning and handsy-grandfather inappropriate with women…despite all, I will be forced to vote for him if he gets the Democratic nomination because, well, as I heard Stephanie Miller say, “In the general election we have to vote for any carbon-based lifeform who isn’t Trump”. And she’s right. Even a blundering glad-handing, toe-stomping, clueless, badly aging white guy, like Biden is preferable to Trump. Biden would at least  return us to sanity. Mostly. He would see that competent people are named to cabinet positions. He would do pretty well with international relations.

But compared to someone like Elizabeth Warren,  Biden is an empty suit. Please, DNC—I’ll vote for an empty suit if I have to, but for pity’s sake don’t make me.

Mar 19

Is Trump an “Idol of Hate”?

There have been calls to ease off on “hating Trump”, suggesting a large part of the country is fairly wallowing in it, and hinting it’s not appropriate…

Listen. If a traitor takes over the country you live in, destroys its environmental protections at every possible juncture, takes directions from a cryptofascist kleptocrat running a regime pretending to be democratic when it isn’t, imperils the world by undermining  nuclear weapons control treaties (both with Iran and Russia), spreads hate for people of color, empowers racist extremists, hires people that try to give away national parks to mining and oil corporations,  weakens regulations that keep us from getting bacteria in our food, hires a woman who tries to destroy public schools in favor of Christian theocracy…I could go on and on…if that’s the guy…and it is…despising him is appropriate. Hate is useless burning of good energy. Despising what is vile…that’s perfectly natural.

Nov 18

Am I Treasonous for Suggesting USA Should be Sanctioned?

Does it sound treasonous? That I think it may be necessary for the EU and Canada and Australia and Mexico, say, to levy sanctions against the USA because of Trump’s policies? Financial sanctions will hurt us all, me too. Prices will go up, our economy may founder. His dropping out of the Paris Climate Agreement, his trashing the agreement with Iran, which puts our allies in danger, his plan to drop the Nuclear treaty, his failure to support NATO, his willingness to kowtow to Russia’s needs–all of that puts our allies at risk.

If financial pressure is put on the Trump administration, he may well be forced to back off. One thing Trump understands…is losing money. The financial fallout for America might well make even more Americans feel that the Trump era needs to be over with. Some, of course, will only dig in their heels. But when bankers and oil companies start to lose money, pressure is brought to bear. And Trump could be forced by the big money people to moderate, to backtrack on some things, even to resign.

Is it treasonous for me to take that tack? I’m loyal to the USA. But I’m also loyal to the planet Earth. I think that if Trump is thwarted, this way, then both the USA and the Earth end up winning.

Sep 18


Trump and his endless rallies. How much time does each one take? Who pays for it? How expensive is it? He seems to do them in clusters when he’s under pressure.

My main question is, how much Presidential work time is Trump squandering with the trips to the rallies, the playing out of the rallies themselves–and then the trips from the rallies? I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s asked this. But why isn’t he challenged on this issue by Congressional Democrats? Or the GAO, say? Even if the costs of rally spaces and lighting and bunting and staff and enthusiastic clappers are covered  privately by supporters somehow, his transportation and protection is all on the taxpayer’s dime. And the *time* Trump wastes on these incoherent amplifications of his engorged vanity has monetary value to taxpayers as well.

All Presidents travel about, meet people, give speeches from time to time, but this stadium sized national embarrassment is beyond the pale. I say we send Trump an invoice.

Jul 18

“How Stupid Does He Think We Are?” I’ll tell you How Stupid…

     This CNN headline,  with which a commentator asks “How stupid does Trump think we are?”, just makes me writhe with the painful irony of it all. Lady, we as a nation, the Great Averaging of the body politic, are fucking stupid. That much is stupid, or we wouldn’t have got into this ludicrous fix in the first place. This was National Stupidity. I include in that people who voted for Jill Stein, people who chose not to support Hillary Clinton–who chose not to vote, endorse and defend her; who bought into the wildly negative often Russian-sponsored propaganda against her. She’s no Obama and she’s no Lincoln and she’s no FDR but she’d have done a decent job and because we didn’t vote for her we now have a national calamity.
     I also blame the Bernie Bros (as opposed to sane Bernie supporters, who voted for Clinton after she got the nomination) and especially the “it doesn’t matter who you vote for they’re all alike” chumps, and the voters who just couldn’t be bothered to show up at the polls. I very much include people who choose glibness over nuance and the supposed perfect over the doable. Now look where we are! And Congress, so long as it’s controlled by the GOP, will do NOTHING about our national calamity because *he signs the bills they give him*.

Jul 18


I predict that Kavanaugh, despite any delays, will be confirmed Supreme Court Justice because the votes are not there to stop it. I predict that Brian Benczkowski will be confirmed as number 3 man at Justice Department–he is a Trump operative who helped set up deals with the Russians during campaign–and he will be appointed to take Rosenstein’s place and he will end Mueller’s investigation of Trump and his confederates. Thus there will be no getting rid of Trump till 2020.

I predict that every effort to suppress votes against Trump in the Presidential election will be made, that the Russians will try to use hacking to remove people from voter roles, that there will be a probability of Trump being re-elected UNLESS we organize to register and motivate more people who’ll vote against Trump–FAR more than ever–to vote in November and in 2020, so that the vote against him is overwhelming despite efforts to stop it.

Jul 18


“Shortly before Trump’s inauguration, according to Israeli journalist Ronen Bergman, Israeli intelligence officials gathered at CIA headquarters, where they were told something astonishing: Russia, the agency believed, had “leverages of pressure” over the incoming president. Therefore, the agency advised the Israelis to consider the possibility that Trump might pass their secrets on to Russia. The Israelis dismissed the warning as outlandish. Who could believe that the world’s most powerful country was about to hand its presidency to a Russian dupe? That the United States government had, essentially, fallen?” Please read this article at New York Magazine: