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Mar 14

Sometimes Even a Good President Makes Mistakes

Barack Obama’s a good man and a good President, but like all Presidents he makes mistakes. Once you prioritize –and you must–you go on a *course*. And that course has momentum… Obama has been making choices. One of his choices (as recently discussed by an expert on Bill Maher’s show) was not fighting long and hard enough to make the FDA as effective as he *tried* to make it in his early administration–and as he pledged to make it. His regulation efforts to reform the meat industry etc just kept getting slammed by big money political advertising, lobbyists controlling congressmen and so on–Obama had to pick what he could get done. He felt he had to choose his battles. So he chose health care and got the best health care reform he could, and accomplished quite a bit more–like ending the Iraq war, ending USA’s involvement in torture and so on…He decided, it seems, that fracking, leading to more natural gas, also leads to cleaner air (natural gas burning so cleanly and all) and so he became convinced that it was the lesser of evils, something to be put up with in controlling carbon pollution and global warming. Anything to accelerate a greater shift to natural gas. And I think he trades things, as all polticians do, behind the scenes. You give me this, I’ll give you that. But I think those are two particular mistakes: the partial regulatory surrender, and fracking–I think he should oppose big food corp policies more actively, and he should oppose fracking. But I think we can see through the translucent curtain, and guess why he’s doing it and it’s not because he’s a sell-out. It’s because he can only do so much and had to choose his battles….

He also made economic recovery a priority, jobs, and that’s part of his decision making….

All in all, he’d have got more done if not for GOP obstructionism. But he says this is a year of action.

So what’ll he accomplish, this year, and next? He’s not done yet.