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Feb 12

The Blinding Glare of Madonna’s Superbowl Narcissism

I saw most of Madonna’s Superbowl halftime show…Madonna’s incredibly narcissistic, Busby-Berkleyesque, gigantically bloated show…At least two of the songs seemed to be about Madonna!

She had a marching band, Egyptian/Roman motif where she was a kind of divine empress, a choir, several separate sets of dancers and back up singers, two star performers and unimaginatively choreographed hunky men all around her. An army of dancers and performers. You could sustain a third world country for a year on what her Superbowl show cost.

What interests me about these shows is mostly the use of digital animation around the performers, there’s something about that, seems to mix people with animation and animation with people, seamlessly…I was picturing this kind of thing used in some kind of patriotic show for a President when the Idiocracy comes…

I do like Madonna’s professionalism. The old broad never missed a beat.

The stage design seemed to be designed to resemble the grill of a Cadillac…

All in all it was unbelievably kitschy bombast but numerous choreographers and stage managers got major employment and good points on their resume…