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Sep 16


There are sites that have quizzes like “Can you name the capitals of these 25 countries?” Seeing it on a friend’s page and feeling guilty lately about my geography, I took one such at a site called Matador dot com or something of the sort, and it said I got all of them right. So I should share with my social networks. Here’s a link to… etc. How likely I would get them all right? I knew I didn’t. So I checked with wikipedia and yep I got at least four wrong. (Four of the Five I thought I probably got wrong.) So it lies and says everyone is right so they’ll share, to harvest clicks, to get clicks to their bloodsucking site which I idiotically went to when I was avoiding getting some real stuff done I need to do…

This matador site and others like them need to be busted over and over if needed. Just such contempt for people–and for knowledge.

Speaking of wasting time to avoid getting stuff done, I better get offline and face the music. (I have to write lyrics for something and starting any writing, even that, is hard.)