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Dec 17

The One Millionth Off the Cuff Review of Star Wars: The Last Jedi

We saw STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI today. There are various SW fan community subsets. There are probably more than six, like maybe Wookie fetishists, we don’t talk about those–but basically, far as I can see, there are six. There are Star Wars nerds, Star Wars super nerds; there are Star Wars geeks, who are more detail oriented than the nerds, and SW supergeeks, who are quietly hated by the studios involved, and there are two more: SW Dweebs, and SW Super-Dweebs. SW Dweebs are often somewhere on the autism spectrum, and that is not mocking them, I think I’m on the spectrum somewhere myself; they are a little compulsive and judgemental but they’re good-natured and not usually wrong. Then there are the dreaded super-dweebs. The super-dweebs are all about how THEY want the thing to be; they’re control freaks who can’t tell where their preferences (or pretend preferences for the sake of an imagined self importance) end and crafted entertainment begins. They feel that THE LAST JEDI should be excluded from Star Wars “canon”. They feel it breaks with the big overall story in some way. If it did, I think George Lucas would’ve straightened that out and…it wouldn’t. I don’t see how it does. If you do and want to tell me, message me about it, so we don’t make all six categories wail “Spoilers! You’ve ruined my life!” What I want to say to the super-dweeb SW fans is, *if you think this movie is all wrong, you didn’t listen closely enough to Master YODA’s spectral comments in the movie.* They’re also missing some philosophical depth I haven’t seen before.

We liked THE LAST JEDI a lot. I personally agree with some reviewer who said it’s the best SW movie since THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. Those who growl about JJ Abrams should take note that the director is also the writer, and he is Rian Johnson who wrote the movie BRICK which won a special prize at Sundance; he won numerous other awards in his relatively short film/TV career. He wrote and directed LOOPER which I now want to see, he wrote three episodes of BREAKING BAD. The guy is a masterful director, as you can see in THE LAST JEDI, and a very good scripter. And whoever oversaw the editing should win a best film editor Oscar. The editing was great–suspense and pacing in it, superb. Someone was bitching it was draggy. Whaaat? Lots of action, it thumps right along, and the non-action scenes pulse with drama and flash with humor.

The script uses a good deal of humor, in a balanced way, which I always enjoy. It was good, effective humor. There are all kinds of cool creatures in this thing–my favorite is the weird oceanside creature that Luke Skywalker actually milks.Yes, he milks an alien and drinks that milk right up. Spoiler, Luke milks an alien, oh no! …Hamill is excellent in this, my wife thinks his best performance ever and I think so too…I loved the sophisticated but evil interplanetary casino in this movie…And Carrie Fisher. I’m not a terribly sentimental guy but boy the scenes with her affected me. She was very good, and…my wife and I squeezed each other’s hands and said, “Carrie!” (We’ve read her books, seen docs on her, saw her live in person in her one-woman show.) …I just wanted to say that Adam Driver was way better in this one. He rediscovered his gravitas, his anger, his timing. Better director I’d guess.

There’s a scene at the end that my wife thinks may be (unconsciously?) inspired by a scene at the end of the movie of CAMELOT…it worked, anyway… There are a few special effects and a few props and set items I thought could’ve been realer…but it didn’t really matter. The movie has winning ways, if you’re not a super-dweeb…oh and Chewbacca has a bit more character development in this, and one very amusing scene.

BTW, did you know that Wookies make good eating? They’re delicious. What are they like to eat? They’re Chewie.

Now is that joke nerdy or dweeby or…