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May 16

Campus Fraternities are an Embarrassment to the 21st century

“Condoms, tampons and feces: Oregon fraternity suspended after ‘disgraceful’ trashing of Shasta Lake” headline from the LA Times

Headline from the Daily Dot: “fraternity rape culture is even bigger than you think”

Since college fraternities have no real relevance in the 21st century–not a valid relevance–and since they consistently are a hotbed for over-drinking, the idiotic abuse of pharmaceutical drugs, sadistic and even lethal hazing, and the spreading of vile subcultures like racism and rape culture; and since they seem to teach a sense of unreasonable entitlement, academia should just end “fraternal” institutions. It’s slow to do it because of the old-boy donations stream. Colleges should do the right thing–something they have a long history of not doing.

The “Greek system” is an engine of old fashioned classism; it is utterly meaningless to today’s education–it’s only a device for insularity, a campus echo chamber of the dregs of 19th century values.

“Boolah boolah boolah rah rah rah, Kappa Bagel Frinka!”

We should reply, “Shut up and fuck off you left over parasite from the age of robber barons and Jim Crow.”