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Sep 16

Confederate Flags Flying Proudly in the State of Washington

They had an enormous Confederate Flag in front of their house…Walking the dogs, here in Vancouver Washington, I went for a closer look…It is a specialized variant, I see–it’s got the Don’t Tread on Me symbol and words against the Confederate rebel flag backdrop. It’s quite large, hanging from a flagpole that’s stuck onto the back of an old truck, along with an equally humongous U.S. flag. The big Ford pickup is crammed in along with several other similar 4WD battered heavy-wheel trucks in front of this tiny bungalow. There’s an army-style Jeep parked out there too–I’ve never seen so many army-jeep enthusiasts before coming here.

The house has four bright red KEEP OUT, NO TRESPASSING signs. The tiny muddy yard is crowded with odds and ends of junk, and toys, small plastic kid’s slides, much evidence of children, but no sight of anyone. Then–movement! It’s a chicken. As if to make the picture complete. It’s a large speckled hen, looking at me hopefully as if I might have her feed.

Filling the truck beds are big black plastic sacks bulging with cans and bottles. There are more old vehicles lining the little muddy driveway on the side. The house has been recently painted skyblue–but with spray paint of some kind. Not the graffiti kind, but with some much bigger paint sprayer, the job almost completed. (“You give me a quarter ounce of meth, I’ll spray paint your house”?)

Across the street and down a little, a blond lady in horn rim glasses comes out of her neat little house, to her Prius. She sees me looking at the house and the flags and I see her wince and shake her head sadly. The polarization here has been clear to me from the first.