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Oct 15

ATTACK OF THE CANNIBALISTIC BABIES: A modest Proposal for Restoring Ecological Balance

by John Shirley

They are actually healthy babies; they are even strangely healthy. They’re strong, too, unnaturally strong. They also have a strikingly unusual facial feature: they’re born with adult teeth, which are rather too large for their little mouths. Their otherwise perfect little faces must have seemed grotesque to people at the time.

Other than for this dental peculiarity, they are quite plump and squirming and gurgling in the hospital bassinets, and seem just like normal little babies–until they begin to climb out of their cribs. They should not be able to do it, but they do, they flip over on their bellies and climb out, seeking their prey. They move with remarkable rapidity, climbing table legs, leaping when they need to, almost like monkeys.

Their first prey is other babies. Hospital personnel are somewhat dismayed, seeing babies eating babies–it was quite unprecedented. A nurse mistakenly sets up the alarm that the babies are living-dead creatures, perhaps infant ghouls or zombies–but *they are not*. They are living babies. They have never been dead.

Having eaten the other non-cannibalistic babies, they attack one another; the strongest kill the weakest, and consume parts of them, usually arms and legs. After feeding, they pause to excrete, nap, and begin again, even as police and emergency personnel are moving in and setting up perimeters. Threatened by dangerous adults, the surviving babies instinctively put aside their competition and work as a group, swarming over the police, chewing out their throats. A few cannibalistic babies are, of course, killed in the general melee, but most survive to massacre hospital personnel…

And so it goes at thousands of hospitals around the world. After a time, the babies go into hiding and dormancy in walls, cupboards, pipes, but emerge from time to time to feed on adults.

Eventually, when the adult population is sufficiently reduced, the babies turn once more against each another. But when the population reaches a certain level of reduction, the babies instinctively stop their predation on one another. A few adults remain and find that if they act as servants to the babies they are not killed. Research soon reveals that the cannibalistic babies are mutations, an unexpected variety of humanity designed to survive during the ecological collapse in a polluted, overheated, overpopulated world. Once they reach adulthood, they sterilize or consume all who are not of their mutation.

And so, children, those are the historic facts, roughly describing the Glorious Mutation of a thousand years ago, which led to the present society. This very day, as the population has worked its way up to the forbidden number, we have received our orders. And what fun it’s going to be! This very afternoon we’re all going to attack the elementary school in the next district, if they don’t attack us first. In either case, we must try to eat them before they eat us! Happy Blood day, children!

Sep 14

Is An Apocalypse of Violence Coming?

Just a soothing thought to help you sleep…I am very much afraid that by 2035, the social pressures from populace displacement in the wake of rising seas and droughts and other famine-inducing climate problems, along with ever proliferating weaponry, confrontational cultures, xenophobic anxiety, and simple survival fears, will be magnified by crisis level population growth. Population density, past 8 billion, will amplify all those stresses, more crowding increasing tension and competition for scarce resources…leading to a peak of volatility. In short–the chances of violence will be vastly increased.

Violence, en masse and small scale, will reach a dramatic historic peak, a tsunami of bloodletting, a paroxysm of catharsis.

Just waves of violence rolling around the world…and then the population will be much reduced. What a miserable way to do it.

Some glibly cite reports that population is diminishing but in fact it’s only the *rate of increase* that is starting to diminish. According to reports from the UN and other groups, overall population will continue to increase across the globe until around 2050. Meanwhile, we’ll get up to 9 billion people halfway through the century.

If you want to do something about the risk of increased violence from all these factors, work to reduce carbon pollution and thus slow climate change. Education, too, can work against violence so support education and outreach where you can…

Conservation and education, taken together, comprise the best hope for our grandchildren and great grandchildren.