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May 15

What if You Lived Before But it WAS NOT Reincarnation?

What if you’ve lived before–but not in a reincarnation sense. If you’re Frank Futz, well then, what if Frank Futz existed before this life, *as Frank Futz*, when time ran its course *before* — the theory goes, that time does that over and over and over. eternally, like an infinitely complex song playing from beginning to end and restarting. The idea is called recurrence or…

Eternal recurrence, some call it. There is more than one form of this concept. Nietzsche developed one notion of it, the stoics another, some Indian philosophies another, Ouspensky still another. They more or less converge in the idea that the universe plays out its time over and over, hence Deja Vu (I know, deja vu is more easily explainable as an illusion caused by normal brain activity) and hence some form of destiny. But…does that mean everything is pre-ordained, that destiny is always inexorable? Not necessarily.

Ouspensky, among others, believed that there can be endless variants of the universe playing out–alternative time flows, perhaps, as we see so often in science fiction–and that the life patterns for living beings are caused by decisions made at a critical moments. Usually, behaving with relatively low-consciousness, sentient beings always make the same decision, in each re-run of time, repeating their lives over and over without alteration–so this idea goes…BUT sometimes the person has a chance (because of quantum fluctuations?) to be more conscious, to remember things as they happen and glimpse choices they never saw before. So they make a different choice the next time and that time recurrence is, for that person, contravened, and the universe’s playing out in time is altered just that much. Each little variant makes a kind of endless kaleidoscopic play out of time, at least as far as sentient beings go… There’s also the possibility that the universe itself shifts a little each time, so little we don’t notice, but enough that it’s another universe that only seems entirely recurrent…Yes kind of like the movie Groundhog Day–a movie I admire–but the drama plays out from the beginning of time to the end…

There’s also the idea dramatized by Michael Moorcock–his Eternal Hero, who comes back in various versions of the multiverse in various forms. Why? Because Something is nudging the random universe, bit by bit by bit, toward a more orderly state.

It’s just a what-if…But–what if?

Mar 15

“Harvester of Eyes, That’s Me”

There is no one time for harvest. It’s always harvest time. The cemeteries throng with the hulls of ongoing harvests. Who is the harvester? Merely the old man with the long beard, or Time, the winged hourglass seen on the old Calvinist headstones? Or is it the hooded scythe bearer? No, those are the masks of the harvester’s servant.

The harvester watches from within us; and it watches from without, perhaps using the moon as its magnifying lens. It is the harvester of perception, of experience. The harvester is seated behind every pair of human eyes, behind ego and false self; it’s seated too, in simpler creatures: behind the glittering eyes of a bird, behind clusters of spider eyes. It watches from behind blind fish; it harvests all perception, even perception via cilia. The harvester reaps *seeing* itself, along with the raw energy of untamed life released when the organism disintegrates…

The death of the outer organism, of the vehicle of the faceless infinite inner seer, then comes about in utter completeness: unrestrained, unstoppable, annihilating personality, memory, conventional self–unless…

Unless the outer organism, sentient enough, perceptive enough, and diligent enough, makes an arrangement with the harvester, and creates a field of independent selfhood that can perceive, and harvest, in other planes; to provide more finely attuned harvests for the harvester.

Or, cf., this book, say: Gurdjieff: An Introduction to His Life and Ideas