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Aug 11

A Black Man Killed by Racists and for CNN “THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT!”

I watched a doubly disturbing report on CNN this morning about a black man in Mississippi who was beaten, for a lark, and then killed–he was run down, on purpose, by idiot cracker racists in their big ol shiny pick up truck. “I just ran that nigger over,” the white teen said proudly, meeting with his pals at a fast food franchise.

Tragic, you bet your ass. A man was murdered for fun, out of a racist impulse. And the idiot cracker racist young man, damaged by his idiot cracker racist parents, will (I hope) go to prison for life. So his life is destroyed too. In fact, his parents should be going to prison with him.

It’s good that CNN covered the story–but I was also disturbed by the style of CNN’s coverage, especially the music they worked up for the report. It was sinister, movie-style music–because it isn’t about their saying, “this is tragic”…which is something they did convey…it’s about making it entertainment. It becomes CNN’s “movie of the week”. It shows a stunning lack of good taste and a lack of respect for the family.

True, for centuries newspapers blared dramatic headlines, but reputable television news reportage shouldn’t be done that way.

And actually working up sinister sounding movie-style music for this coverage…that’s crossing the line with a bounding leap! They’ll have a special logo for the incident, too, like a television series title, as they do for all their big, tragic stories.

It’s almost as sick as racist violence.

Here’s an article about this murder.

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