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Apr 15

“Everyone knows that life is meaningless, dude”. Do they?

People who assert that life, the universe and reality is meaningless…puzzle me. Many questions arise. How can they know it’s all meaningless? Science doesn’t say it’s meaningless. It says that nature evolves randomly, but it doesn’t address the question of meaning.

And if it all emerges randomly–why does that mean it’s all in every respect meaningless? Is *random* really synonymous with meaningless? What if it’s not?

How much time did someone who asserts that all is meaningless spend on the question? Did they break down all of science and experience, parse all of it, to come to their conclusion? Or did they jump to that conclusion–because it’s easier? An hour’s thought, or two, a book Wittgenstein, and one by Sartre.. conveys on them the ability to see all possible meaning?

If the cosmos had meaning, would creatures as little and temporary and sleepily foolish as we are, likely see it? Our viewpoint on reality is miniscule–like a view through a periscope. How can we make a judgment on the meaning of it all through such a narrow lens–and through one snatched away from us in a short human lifetime?

I do not and will never believe in the supernatural. Satan and Gabriel could appear before me, scorching the Earth in their battle, and I would not believe it’s supernatural. I would believe that it’s the unknown natural.

And somewhere in the unknown natural, is the strong possibility meaning