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May 19

Another Indication that TRUMP IS A RUSSIAN ASSET

Nicolas Maduro, kleptocratic pseudo-socialist President of Venezuela, was sitting in his plane nervously awaiting takeoff so he could flee Venezuela for Cuba–when Russia told him to stay. Putin or his intermediaries are reported to have told him, hey, Nicolas, it’ll be all right. “Stay, Nicolas Maduro.” We infer Putin told Maduro that rumors of imminent American intervention were exaggerated. So Maduro stayed in Venezuela. This happened just a week ago, according to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

And soon after, Donald Trump suddenly changed his tune on Venezuela.

Up till that time Trump was eager to intervene in Venezuela, to install the real President of Venezuela, Juan Guaido, in Maduro’s place. Trump spoke of moving troops to Columbia to prep for invasion. He was heavy on the rhetoric about removing Maduro who, after all, is theoretically a socialist (in word though not in deed).

But shortly after Russia suggested that Maduro should stay, Trump suddenly backed off that rhetoric. And though Pompeo and Trump’s advisers wanted Maduro out, CNN tells us:

“…news that President Donald Trump…is urging caution among senior advisers about potential US military intervention in Venezuela, is growing frustrated that some aides are openly teasing military action in the country, where a battle for power has recently intensified.”

Trump changed his tune because the kleptocratic Putin wants the kleptocratic Maduro to remain in power. Why does Russia want the status quo unchanged in Venezuela? Washington Post reports: “Russia owns substantial portions of Venezuelan oil fields, which it got in exchange for loans and bailouts over the past decade. And Venezuela signed over almost half of Citgo — its wholly owned company in the United States — as collateral to Rosneft, Russia’s state-owned oil company, for what was reported to be $1.5 billion in cash.” If there’s a change in power those deals might be voided.

So, Russia clearly told Trump to stop talking intervention.  Maduro’s departure could cost the Russian oligarchs billions in profits, Donald, so forget intervention.

And obviously Trump meekly replied, “Yes, Vlad.”

The evidence that he’s a Russian asset — not just an ally, but a puppet of Putin’s–is quite large. And the Venezuela turn-about is just another strong indicator.

More indicators from a Vanity Fair article in January: “There is a growing urgency behind these efforts, following a Washington Post story that detailed the lengths Trump went to shield his interactions with Putin from his West Wing staff, as well as a New York Times report that Trump privately told officials he wanted to withdraw from NATO. The first Trump-Putin meeting, in Hamburg, Germany, in 2017, is of particular interest to lawmakers. The interpreter in that meeting said President Trump instructed him not to discuss details of the sit-down and confiscated his notes when several U.S. officials asked him what had transpired, according to the Post.”