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Aug 18

Renaming The EPA

I think we should create a really big petition effort to get the name of the EPA changed to reflect its current role in the nation. They won’t want to change the acronym so we can call it the Emissions Protection Agency, or even better, as one of my friends suggested, the Enabling Polluters Agency. .  . Some would suggest, I suppose, “the Evil Protection Agency”, but that would apply more to the Vatican.

Apr 17

It’s not only Immoral–it’s Illegal.

The Environmental Protection Agency is taking public comments on its proposed “review” (read, reduction or elimination) of pollution regulations under the stewardship of Scott Pruitt. Below is a link to the page where you can comment. Here is my comment:

*Not only is any diminishing of the existing regulations for the protection of clean water and air immoral, it illegal. It will increase asthma, lung cancer risks, other kinds of cancer risks, as well as damaging crops and putting wildlife at risk–that’s immoral. And it would run counter to the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water act, which is illegal. Likely the proposed review and planned deregulation can be traced to conflicts of interest, and excessive influence of industry–that is unethical and immoral in itself.*