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Dec 16

When a Bear Swallowed my Dog Whole

The other night I had a dream that struck me so strongly, when I woke, I still remember it. In the dream I was outside somewhere with my little dog Rosie, a Yorkshire terrier we had. (She actually died some time back. We were great pals. She followed me anywhere, in real life. And she was quite fierce when some bigger dog tried to back her down.) So in the dream, a bear comes at us out of nowhere–the wilderness– and swallows Rosie whole. Yelling for my wife to come and help me hold the bear down, I grab it around the neck and decide–I remember distinctly thinking this–”No way is that bear going to digest my Rosie, I’m getting her out!” And I shove my hand down the bear’s throat, my whole arm, clear in to the shoulder. I feel around in its stomach as it tries to pull away; feel something furry–pull out…it is a live rabbit. Annoyed I throw the wiggling rabbit aside, and force my arm into the bear’s throat again, and pull out the next thing I could grab, thinking it might be part of Rosie’s collar. It is several items of kitchen cutlery, spoons and such. I throw them aside and reach in again, find Rosie, wriggling, and pull her out by the nape of her neck. She is fine, and she barks at the bear. I pick her up…

That sounds like a made up dream perhaps. But it’s what I dreamt exactly. I’m not a great one for interpreting dreams–sometimes they’re just the noise of the brain doing a bit of memory organization, or prioritizing–but on occasion they seem to mean something. They have psychological import.

What might this one mean? Does the bear represent chaos? Does it represent me struggling with the difficulties of the maintenance of living, trying to protect loved ones from entropy, chaos, from their simply being consumed and dissolved within the universe?