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Feb 20

John Shirley & the Screaming Geezers Opened for the Blue Oyster Cult last night! Photographic Evidence!

John Shirley & the Screaming Geezers played for 1200 people at the sold-out Blue Oyster Cult show last night as the opening band. We got a wonderful reception from audience–we rocked it–and the BOC gave us compliments and so have people writing in at The BOC were GREAT. Guitar beauty. Brilliance.  Subtlety and powerful hard rock at once. Here’s a kinetic pic from the show at the Roseland Theater in Portland, that’s me at the mic. A Screaming Geezers album is coming soon, from Black October Records, and there will be a new BLUE OYSTER CULT album in September, from Frontier Records–on which are five songs for which I wrote the lyrics…Was thrilled when, backstage on Saturday, Richie of the Blue Oyster Cult let me hear, from his laptop, a nearly-finished mix of one of my songs on that new BOC album –and it’s sounding so great. I also saw the songlist for the album and I have (as lyricist) five songs on it. Watch for the new Blue Oyster Cult album in September.

Dec 19

SCREAMING GEEZERS SITE IS LIVE (“Who are the Screaming Geezers?!”)

It’s my band. The Screaming Geezers. To see the website, follow the link below. Free song samples there. I’ve always been in bands, and also writing for bands. I’ve written lyrics for 18 songs recorded by the Blue Oyster Cult (Not their hits–I started working with the BOC, one of the very best rock bands in history, after their time with Columbia records. After that the Pop Powers wouldn’t pay any attention to their new singles. But new singles there were anyway and the BOC albums Heaven Forbid and Curse of the Hidden Mirror. You can hear those albums on youtube. AND a new Blue Oyster Cult album, also using my lyrics on many songs, is coming out from Frontier Records in 2020.

I’ve had record deals of my own, on Celluloid Records for one. Now, the Screaming Geezers and my other musical project, Spaceship Landing in a Cemetery, are on Black October Records, soon to be distributed by Rough Trade, a major label. The first complete Screaming Geezers album will be out in January; there’s a sampler out now, with some studio songs and some live material, is available to radio stations and podcasts.

Are you in the Portland, Oregon area? John Shirley & the Screaming Geezers will be playing at the Kenton Club, Saturday 1/11/2020. Next month.



Mar 15

“Harvester of Eyes, That’s Me”

There is no one time for harvest. It’s always harvest time. The cemeteries throng with the hulls of ongoing harvests. Who is the harvester? Merely the old man with the long beard, or Time, the winged hourglass seen on the old Calvinist headstones? Or is it the hooded scythe bearer? No, those are the masks of the harvester’s servant.

The harvester watches from within us; and it watches from without, perhaps using the moon as its magnifying lens. It is the harvester of perception, of experience. The harvester is seated behind every pair of human eyes, behind ego and false self; it’s seated too, in simpler creatures: behind the glittering eyes of a bird, behind clusters of spider eyes. It watches from behind blind fish; it harvests all perception, even perception via cilia. The harvester reaps *seeing* itself, along with the raw energy of untamed life released when the organism disintegrates…

The death of the outer organism, of the vehicle of the faceless infinite inner seer, then comes about in utter completeness: unrestrained, unstoppable, annihilating personality, memory, conventional self–unless…

Unless the outer organism, sentient enough, perceptive enough, and diligent enough, makes an arrangement with the harvester, and creates a field of independent selfhood that can perceive, and harvest, in other planes; to provide more finely attuned harvests for the harvester.

Or, cf., this book, say: Gurdjieff: An Introduction to His Life and Ideas