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Jan 14

The Gravity of Being

Thinking about Being, the kind of Being that is interchangeable with consciousness, as a thing in itself; perhaps, as some have suggested, a weigh-able thing. There’s an idea in the more sophisticated forms of spirituality that one survives death as much as one truly exists in life; which spurs the question: what does it mean to really exist? Making a big impact on the world through building skyscrapers, or commanding armies–that’s not it. A man who does nothing but sell tea, work in his garden, care for orphans, likely exists far more than a man who supposes his commanding aggressive armies makes him a big shot. The man with the army has the kind of impact that does not add to his Being. Is Being a *stuff* that can accumulate in a person? Perhaps unweighable in the frequencies we work in but it may be that there’s a realm where Being has its own weight, its own mass; perhaps it has attraction, something equivalent to gravity.

Maybe enough Being can become a black hole…Being doesn’t have to be benevolent. It’s just Being. But it does seem to have some kind of nourishing orientation, with respect to beings…the term Center of Gravity comes to mind…the term gravitas…