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May 16

GAME OF THRONES Tears Apart Newborn Babies For Entertainment

Tried to give GAME OF THRONES another chance but when they entertained us tonight by having a pack of vicious dogs tear apart a baby, they crossed a line, and I have ceased watching again.

When I’ve complained about a television program that is sadistic, using cruelty for entertainment without any balance, without any moral center to refer to, someone says, “But oh John, you have published some very dark fiction, some violent fiction indeed…” But you know, there were always lines I wouldn’t cross, and there was always a moral center. Occasionally I probably got carried away with some act of revenge in a story or novel–but then I wasn’t writing for a television show going out to millions and, anyway, I would never have a baby (and his mother) torn apart by vicious dogs. The way they dramatize it, too, it just doesn’t feel like it’s a protest against the horrors innocents are subjected to. It feels like, “just more entertainment.” Like “useful torture” on “”24″ and Fear the Walking Dead”, and beloved characters eaten alive, in excruciating detail, on “The Walking Dead.”

As seven billion people increase to 9 billion people on a climate changed Earth where food will likely be scarce and billions pushed into desperate migration, empathy will become a rare gem. It will be around–but it’ll be rare and precious. How long before we make the cruelty more than fictional television, and put the Romans to shame, leaving their timid little bread-and-circus entertainments far behind? Are we now engaged in a televised preparation for that society?

Do we really have to degrade ourselves in advance?