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Dec 17

My off the cuff review of the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie

Superman, Superman, does whatever a soup-can can. . .We finally got it together to see JUSTICE LEAGUE and we both enjoyed it. You know, I’ve been waiting 55 years to see this movie. I wanted such a movie when I was ten…My ten year old self watches it with me, as if sitting on my lap, and he was goggled eyed with pleasure. My older self simply enjoyed it… The complaints I’ve heard are, one, villain didn’t have enough characterization/background. What, they want to show this ancient godlike being weeping because his mother abandoned him or something? (Actually he does have mother issues of a sort…) He’s just not that kind of character. No, he’s a force of nature. He’s more of a Jack Kirby comic book character. And he is one, too. Kirby left Marvel for awhile and created the New Gods for DC, which are referenced, along with Darkseid… You want more characterization, go for Lex Luthor.

Two, people bitched CGI not up to speed, other FX not up to speed. I dunno. It’s *not the same* as the Marvel Productions style of CGI. It looks more like something from a comic book, without being cartoony. Marvel’s look (at its best) is always grittier, somehow, a little more fully dimensional. But I think this is about a company style. Oh maybe it could’ve been a little better, in Justice League. But it was still in the upper echelon of CGI.

Three, complaints about the action. Mostly I found it quite easy to follow, though there was a certain patchiness now and then. In truth, Zack Snyder can be a tad clunky, in editing and in the way he shoots dialogue between two people, for example… But it was still a delight to the ten year old in me and worked well enough for the adult. The adult noticed that some of the byplay between League heroes didn’t quite come off. I blame the director. He’s not terrible but he could’ve worked everyone harder.

I think fans today are spoiled. They expect too much. To me, if a superhero movie is reasonably coherent–especially one with all these heroes–and if it is more or less internally logical, and looks pretty good, I feel lucky. I shake my fist at the spoiled fans and tell them to get off lawn…There are many delights in the film. The guy who plays the Flash is a lot of fun, is funny, has good timing and has a *wonderful* face. He could play an elf or a Vulcan. Enjoyable character. Aquaman, a powerful presence–you know how people are said to have been raised by wolves? He acts like he was raised by California surfers. It works for him. Wonder Woman a pleasure as always. Opening scene with her in action was one of the best things in the film…Fierce! In fact you get to see a whole bunch of fierce muscular Amazons really roaring through combat and some guys I know will re-run that part over and over, their eyes wide…Opening scene with Batman in action was very like old comics, which was something I loved.. His behavior toward the burglar toward the end of that scene puzzled me though…And of course the return of Superman, which I very much dug–that’s no spoiler, it’s in the trailers…The interaction, bickering and teamwork, between the heroes was entertaining….Cyborg character worked well–the actor manages to project big charisma despite all the metal on his face…

Hard to make a film like this, with so many superheroes, really flow smoothly. They juggled all the balls well enough…This is an “origins” movie of the Justice League and it worked fine as one. I give it Three …what? Three hero fists? Three batarangs? Three lightning bolts?