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Dec 13

Ageism in All its Multifaceted Glory

Ageism in the arts. It comes in layers. Sometimes it’s hard to see because there are older artists on the scene–in writing, visual arts, scripting, music. But they’re always already-established artists. And it’s complex because some older people *are* rather dulled or “outdated”…

And the idea of being outdated can be outdated–90% of modern rock is highly derivative of 60s, 70s, early 80s sounds. Some writers did / do their best material after they turned 50, 60. Didn’t really hit big until then. Philip K Dick, Patrick O’Brian come to mind…but, say the marketing wizards, “those are exceptions”. . .The bottom line (so to speak) is that older writers who’re starting out at a high quality or are known and lauded but not an industry in themselves, are winnowed out. The WGA, in the scripting biz, successfully sued to prove it, but the suit hasn’t changed much.

Authors, songwriters, artists, are generally turned away, discounted, if they’re over 50, filtered out with one excuse or another…and if one is established but not a household name, it’s hard to fly under the ageism radar…