We only had to wait 23 Years…and it’ll probably be another 2 more…

…But it appears that a BEETLEJUICE sequel is finally in the works. That’s what DEADLINE reports.

To my mind, Tim Burton has made a number of very good films and a number of bad ones. His good films are Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, Ed Wood, The Nightmare Before Christmas (producer/writer), PeeWee’s Big Adventure, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (I haven’t seen Big Fish so maybe that’s good too). His worth-seeing but not outstanding films are Mars Attacks! (it’s actually pretty cool), The Corpse Bride and Batman. Batman Returns has its moments. (Sweeney Todd too has its moments. It’s sort of mediocre. Bad casting for Sweeney.) His other films are failures, topped off by the execrable Alice in Wonderland.

Beetlejuice is one of his best; it’s an auteur vision of comedy in a grim vein, it’s perfectly cast, it’s effectively satirical, and Michael Keaton is truly great in it. It’s right up there with the classic fantasy-comedies like Blithe Spirit and Topper.

So now AT LAST comes the sequel. Not a remake, they say, a sequel. Maybe. Disappointingly, Burton won’t direct, it seems. However, if they get Keaton (probably not difficult) to play Betelgeuse (the character’s actual name), that triples the chances it’ll be a good film; if they get Winona Ryder (probably not difficult) to play her grown up self, that doubles the chances. If they don’t let Hollywood studio execs and producers ruin the thing with “can we have a soulful character building moment between Betelgeuse and…” kind of notes, if they don’t get talked into making it a remake, and especially if they hire Keaton and Ryder… it might be a joy for fans of the original.

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