The Unthinkable Thinker

“Quantum computers have the potential to solve problems that would take a classical computer longer than the age of the universe.” So we’re told at The Daily Galaxy.

They’re talking about sheer, exponentially expanded computational power. Me, I’m thinking about how with that much computing power high tech devices can become almost infinitely refinable, incredibly flexible, self improving, so that they can take on their own maintenance and the old science-fiction standby, an ignorant primitive people worshipping a godlike computer, eventually comes true.

THEN I think about the curious mystery in quantum measurement; the uncertainty it represents which seems to hint of a transcendence of the quantifiable, which in turn suggests the holistic addition of an unknown dimensionality…which then, somehow, in some indefinable way, represents consciousness itself. So that we imagine that the first true self-aware computer might be a quantum computer.

We might react with horror to that concept, some of us. But perhaps it’ll be an improvement. Certainly it’ll be technology glorified…it doesn’t have to be a hellish glory, for us, does it?

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