Big Media passively Lies for Polluters

“Liberal media!” the teabaggers snarl. Where? It’s hard to find. Listening to KGO radio–a CBS radio station, supposedly objectively mainstream news–I heard an anchor reading these lines: “The President today cancelled EPA plans to increase antismog regulations. Republican leaders, working to find ways to increase jobs, applauded the move. They seek to remove job-destroying regulations like this one which would have cost business hundreds of millions each year and led to the loss of more than a million jobs.”

Just three sentences–but far more lies. The report implied that the Republican effort to, supposedly, “increase jobs” by opposing regulations was legitimate.There was no “alleged” about it. The report assumes that regulations are job-destroying, flat out calls them that–actually they often add jobs, as people have to be hired to monitor the regulations, and new technology has to be implemented to follow them. Historically, environmental regulations hasn’t led to a contraction in industry. It continued to expand after regulations were in place. No mention of that in the report. “Cost hundreds of millions each year”? How about an allegedly for that figure? No. In fact they say ‘would have cost’ which is very definite and certain. Like it’s an inarguable fact. Same with the job loss statement.

It’s official. Big industry uses “mainstream media” as its PR machine. KGO is saying what it’s told to say. And nothing more.

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