Soon as a faster than light drive is developed, I’m leaving this planet. The human part of it is just vile. And we’re making more and more and MORE humans so there’s no escaping that. So I’m disowning this planet, I’m leaving as soon as the starship is ready. Let me know, please. Save me and my wife a seat on the starship. I’m sure someone’s working on one. We’re ready to go. Here are just a few reasons why, starting, at random, in 1965:

According to Wikipedia: The Indonesian killings of 1965–1966 were an anti-communist purge following a failed coup in Indonesia. The most widely accepted estimates are that over half a million people were killed.

According to Newser today: in 2006, a group of US soldiers burst into a house in Ishaqi, Iraq, where they handcuffed and executed at least 10 people—including an infant and four other children, none older than five years old—then called an airstrike to cover up the evidence. Or at least that’s the conclusion a UN investigator reached, according to an unclassified diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks last week.

According to MSNBC yesterday, after Qadaffi’s men (on his orders) raped women in rebellious areas, recently, a Muslim father went about his house, where his three young daughters were, and cut their throats. He killed his daughters for being raped.

Meanwhile in India millions of children die of dysentery because the many billionaires and quite-wealthy government of India won’t clean up the water in areas thronged by the poor.

Meanwhile, the Republicans are planning to dismantle the Environmental Protection Agency–guaranteeing millions of deaths by lung cancer, poisoned water, and worse global warming– and no one cares.

Meanwhile in the Congo…

Meanwhile in Somalia…


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