PHONE-NUMBERS PHOR PHRAUDS (for your pranking pleasure)

There have been people–the mighty STERNO of the Church of the Subgenius was one–who tricked the tricksters, specifically the internet spammers from Nigeria, and elsewhere, who claim they have a million dollars for you if you give them $50 or $100 or $300 or…. (Sometimes they’ll try to get people to give them more, much more).

Only stupid people fall for email scams, but, as I’ve pointed out before, it’s no more permissible to rip off stupid people than it’s permissible to trick a guy with Down Syndrome out of his disability check. So it’s wrong to permit telephone psychic hotlines, who rip off stupid people for amazing amounts of money, hiding behind “for entertainment purposes only”; and it’s not a joke if some guy in foreign parts rips off some addled elderly American lady through internet spam.

Thus, it’s a good thing to mess with these people, if you haven’t got anything better to do. Long as they’re being distracted they’re too busy to rip off some addled old lady. Sterno, as I recall (and he’s not the only one to have accomplished this, many others have followed), got one of these con artists to send HIM money. He said something like, “Sure, I’ll send you the eight hundred dollar fee to get my five hundred thousand but I need to know you’re for real, too. So just sent me a small amount of money…even if it’s a hundred bucks.” Eventually they settled on, like, $25. The internet scammer *actually sent him $25*. He got the money. Naturally he never sent THEM the follow up money–he had scammed the scammers. The 25 bucks was not, of course, the point. The point was to rip off the rip offs for any amount. He worked hard to get that $25 but he found it very satisfying.

Lately internet scammers have taken to giving phone numbers to call them on, so they can assure you it’s all for real. Since cell phones are easy to get and cell numbers are disposable, they risk little doing this. But what they don’t realize is they do risk being scammed and spammed and pranked.

I strongly encourage my readers to use those numbers to call them–probably late at night, on some phone that won’t cost you anything much, perhaps at a party; put it all on speaker phone, try not to laugh out loud…and pretend you’re going to send them the money and just keep messing with them till finally they realize. Then, if it were me, I’d tell them, “I actually called to ask how you feel, deep down, about being a liar and a thief.” Because it’s not impossible you might startle someone into a moment of self awareness. Unlikely though it is–it could happen.

I’m not presently inclined to do the calling personally, though I probably will at some point. But I’m going to offer up these PHONE-NUMBERS PHOR PHRAUDS posts, as I call them, as I come across them, providing their phone numbers for your pranking pleasure. Here’s one that came in today’s email assuring me I had millions of dollars to claim overseas if I only sent them the fee: +229 98799767 – ask for “Mr Edwards” and allude to the big ATM money, as they refer to it, awaiting you in Benin. Then, play him like a fish.

And here’s an example of scammer scamming done via email:

Scam o Rama

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