Could being a Fundamentalist Christian Make You More likely to Steal the Vote?

It seems to me that stealing, or suppressing votes, in any election–but somehow especially a Presidential one– is either an act of treason or damned close to it. Voting is basic to the American political process. Interfere with it and you’re stabbing at America’s vitals. You’ve poisoned democracy. How is that not treasonous?

I’m convinced it happened in the 2000 Presidential election in Florida, again in the 2004 Presidential election in Ohio, giving the elections to George W. “Born Again” Bush. (It may well have happened, recently, on a smaller scale in the recall elections in Wisconsin.) A fair number of people had to have been involved in this effort. Are there really that many people who think undermining America is worth it to get their candidate in?

I’ve wondered if the secret ingredient in this treachery might not be Christian Fundamentalism. In their minds, it might well be acceptable to steal the vote…for God. Or, for what they suppose to be “God”. If they convince themselves–or if perhaps the Karl Roves of the world convince them–that God naturally wants Bush instead of Gore, Bush instead of Kerry, Perry instead of Obama…How can they argue? God’s will trumps America’s. After all, a Democratic President supposedly protects abortion and the rights of Muslims and Hindus and Jews and gay marriage (Oh, God Jehovah protect us!) and many of them believe–are made to believe–that a Democratic President is also a Socialist. Of course, none of our Democratic Presidents have been Socialists, but if they were, it wouldn’t mean they were anti-religion. Except in the minds of Religious Fundamentalists. “Socialists are Communists and Communists are against religion,” goes the thinking.

So it could be that this blind Fundamentalism is the rationale behind treasonously stealing an election.

Of course, the ones who are pushing from behind the scenes for the election to be stolen–the ones who are, perhaps, setting up Christian rightists to do their dirty work–don’t give a hot damn about God. They’re doing it because they are fat cat industrialists and bankers and they figure they’ll be able to continue being robber barons under a Republican President. “Call up Rove, he’ll get the suckers in Florida to play along for ‘the sake of God.’”

You see, all this is on my mind because I think the greatest risk we have of a Bachmann or a Perry being elected is vote theft. I think it’s more likely to happen in 2012. Especially when you add the hysterical, racist hate for Obama into the mix.

Maybe you’re not enthusiastic about Obama. Maybe he’s too centrist for you. But imagine a Bachmann or a Perry in the White House. . .

Better count those votes carefully.

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