A Startling Inversion of Pop Thinking On Social Media and Revolution

“The mass media, including interactive social-networking tools, make you passive, can sap your initiative, leave you content to watch the spectacle of life from your couch or smartphone. Apparently even during a revolution. That is the provocative thesis of a new paper by Navid Hassanpour, a political science graduate student at Yale, titled ‘Media Disruption Exacerbates Revolutionary Unrest.’”

This New York Times article is fascinating and not because it seems to suggest what I’ve been saying for awhile on the downside of the internet…Check it out…

“…all the Twitter posting, texting and Facebook wall-posting is great for organizing and spreading a message of protest, but it can also spread a message of caution, delay, confusion or, I don’t have time for all this politics, did you see what Lady Gaga is wearing?”

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