NotedNews: Kelloggs Owns all Toucans

“The toucan is native to Mesoamerica, which is why the Maya Archaeology Initiative, a group that defends Mayan culture, chose to use the bird as its logo. Of course, the toucan is also native to boxes of Kellogg Co.’s Froot Loops cereal—and now the company wants the initiative to limit its use of the toucan logo, because it looks too much like Froot Loops’ Toucan Sam mascot, the AP reports.”

They’ve sent a cease and desist letter to the Mayans! So we’re told at the Newser site.

Astounding arrogance. California, which uses a bear on its flag, will soon be sued, I’m sure, by the Post breakfast cereal company, because Post owns all bears thanks to their Sugar Bear.

To see the Mayan organization’s logo (which looks nothing like Toucan Sam) go HERE.

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