Apparently so:

“They may love hanging out like normal teenagers, but they don’t watch TV like the rest of us. ‘I think Harry Potter and Twilight are instigators of evil,’ Savannah says. ‘They nullify morality and just serve to hook people in with evil. ‘I don’t watch any television at all. I’m much too busy praying and fighting the devil.’”

Read about it here. I hope to the Flying Spaghetti Monster that this is a hoax but I’m afraid it probably isn’t…Bob Larson is all too real, as a human being, anyway, who claims to be an exorcist. He’s actually a fraud who exploits the mentally ill. And, apparently, naive young women.

Decide for yourself when you read the article in the Mail Online…

Yes, it’s funny. I laughed. But it’s also an embarrassment to the 21st Century. The Mail Online should be ashamed of promulgating such stunningly medieval, exploitative, nauseatingly ignorant horseshit…

Meanwhile “Christian” Fundamentalists are tormenting young girls locked up in a “tough love” compound in Maryland, reports Mother Jones.

…Another flavor of the same kind of madness…

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