The Republicans caused the US debt crisis, by holding the economy hostage, and they caused a downgrade in the Standard and Poor rating of US bonds–and now they’re blaming President Obama for this unprecedented downgrade (from AAA to AA). They caused it, yet they’re saying he caused it. They’re flagrantly, blatantly lying.

The Republicans launched the Afghanistan war. They’re now calling the increasingly unpopular war, Obama’s War.

The Republicans refer to Obama’s Recession–and blame it on him. A recession caused by Republican deregulation and a Republican President.

The world is afire with noise. Media noise. Most of it is babbling; much of it is pointless opinionation designed to fill up air time. With so much commentary, so vast a load of media output to input, liars can make their declarations and get away with it. They know that even if they’re refuted, the public will have heard them, and only a relative few, in all the noise, will hear and process the refutation of the lie. Lies love noise.

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