Shouting over the shouting; drowned out by people shouting over the shouting

Everyone’s talking at once.

On cable tv, on the news and on the internet; on radio and on cell phones. Tweeting, texting, blaring their messages. A million flickers so that the cumulative glare makes nothing visible; a billion posts, shouting in print, makes nothing audible.

I don’t know if anyone listens to my voice in this blog, one blog in a billion–I feel like it’s a voice drowned out by all the others and most of them feel that way too…

But I’ll be stubbornly talking right out loud anyway on MENTAL RADIO this saturday, the sixth, at NOON. It’ll be an interview, it’ll be commentary, it’ll be…I’m not quite sure. But they have a cool website.

[the live interview is now done but presumably they have it preserved at their website somewhere...]

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