The Path through the Internet Wilderness

The internet has a way of undermining legitimate, reputable news sources. It has a way of spread false stories and misinformation. We need a general protocol, an internet hygiene, to escape from that sticky morass.

The methodology is simple. We set aside our kneejerk populistic impulses and admit that some news sources are more legitimate than others. An example: the Washington Post is legitimate; it is a consistent winner of the Pulitzer prize, and is consistently reputable. Whereas Fox News does not win journalism prizes and has a very bad reputation in the journalism community.

We need to be selective in our choice of raw information and how we share it…

It’s like this. Scientific American, yes; anti-vax numbskull sites no. Pulitzer Prize winning news outlets and legit alternative sources (like The Nation or the Guardian) yes; flaky promulgators of rumors and conspiracy theories no. Medical journals yes; covid conspiracy theory flakes, no. Anti-bigotry websites yes; racist websites no. That’s the pattern, the path through the wilderness that is the internet: Consistently going to legit, reputable sources of data.

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