We Just Got a Letter from Donald Trump

We just got a LETTER FROM DONALD TRUMP telling us in essence that he has seen to it we have a direct deposit of 2400 bucks in our account in this time of national et cetera. It’s got his bizarre signature (printed of course). It’s to make sure he gets credit for the extra dough. Part of his trying to buy the election by taking credit for assistance that was not his idea. Some people get physical checks–with his signature, of questionable legality, on the check. For the same reason. Some people actually believe that he reached into his own pocket for the money. He wants them to think that, of course. Remember when he said, “I love uneducated people!” out in Las Vegas, when he was running for office?

If the money was really from Trump himself, I would not take it. But it’s from the US Congress. Despite what it might say on your check.

The reverse side of the letter is the same message in Spanish also signed by him. As if he could read it.

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