Some have Suggested we can Compute Consciousness

Regarding the computing of consciousness– and the reductionist subsuming of it to a  math based computation, for AI and transhumanist purposes….Perhaps Math can describe consciousness, if you can come up with one capable of operations in four dimensions at once. Consciousness is a gestalt. This is one of the things not understood by adherents of the notion of a “conscious” AI and a human consciousness transferred to a digital-electronic sheath for supposed Transhumanist immortality. One could probably come up with a feasible pseudo-copy that seems somewhat like the person “copied” but it wouldn’t be them. There would be no true continuity between the copy and the originator, and the true organizing principle of consciousness would be lacking. Some of us believe that there are discrete wave-forms which are in a sense “particles of consciousness” and which work together to create a field which is the substrate of consciousness.

Dr Stuart Hameroff notes life’s dualistic “Cartesian theater” and proposes that the lag between perception and cognition is at the root of the appearance of dualistic separation. Hameroff envisions a quantum jump “back in time” to compensate for the gap between perception and consciousness. He has worked with physicist Roger Penrose who  suggested in his 1989 book The Emperor’s New Mind that Platonic values including mathematical truth, ethical values and beauty are “embedded in the fine structure of the universe, specifically in fundamental spacetime geometry at the inifinitesimally tiny Planck scale.” These subtle forces may be resonating in “microtubules” which form the tiniest parts of living cells including brain cells where “quantum computation with objective reduction may be somehow involved in consciousness.” Our direct conscious connectivity to the cosmos might be found at these levels, transcending dualistic separation.

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