If Obama is not re-elected we’ll all get what we deserve

Newser opines that Obama may lose re election after all: “Nobody expects the numbers on jobs, housing, or economic growth to improve much between now and the election. Obama can argue, correctly, that it’s not his fault, but historically presidents in these conditions lose big.”

It also notes that Obama “prevented an economic collapse, saved the auto industry, reformed health care, and cracked down on Wall Street—but there’s little evidence that any of it resonated with voters.”

Voters are confused by the culture of argumentative punditry that has taken over cable news. Worse, since the corporate owners of major news media are not happy with Obama–he threatens to increase their taxes to a reasonable level–they won’t allow real reportage of his accomplishments. Most people are too lazy or overwhelmed to find out on their own what he’s accomplished.

And of course there’s flat-out distortion of the facts about Obama’s Presidency on talk radio, and at places like Fox News. Indeed, there’s a good deal of outright lying at Fox News and Foxnews.com.

Some of the left-leaning websites are just as dishonest: claiming health care reform was a sham–just because it hasn’t yet accomplished quite all they’d demanded–and wildly exaggerating civilian death tolls in Afghanistan (Obama has worked hard to end accidental civilian deaths from US forces). They also ignore Obama’s efforts to end both wars. Our part in the conflict in Iraq is almost entirely over and will be completely done quite soon…but they ignore that, just as they ignore Obama’s recent reduction of troops from Afghanistan. He plans to get out as soon as possible and has a timetable for that process.

They also claim he’s gotten us into a “third war”. But clearly we’re not in a war in Libya. We engaged in a some minor enforcement of a no-fly zone, that’s all.

As we move closer to the election, people on both sides of the ideological fence will insist Obama has accomplished “nothing”. They don’t look for the real facts. They repeat the latest mantra chanted by their favorite pundits.

And as a result we may end up with a Republican President in 2013.

If, say, Senator Bernie Sanders were to run for the Dem Presidential nomination, I’d have to support him. Because he’s been correctly declaring that we still haven’t worked seriously at keeping jobs in America or breaking up the banking hegemony or reforming campaign finance. I’m not sure any President can accomplish those things with the political waters as poisoned as they are now. But Sanders would try.

We won’t get a chance to vote for Sanders. Obama will get the Democratic nomination. Fortunately, Obama is a good man, a President who’s steering the country slowly but surely in a better direction…and at the very least he would veto any lunatic tea party bills that came his way. He would hold the line.

But I’m starting to fear that between the right’s propensity for dirty tricks in preventing Democrats from voting, their outright cheating at the ballot box, and the failure of the left to support the only decent man who can hope to be elected in 2012–Barack Obama–we may find ourselves the slaves of the new corporate fascism…

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