You’ll give up sex & exercise in exchange for…

“It’s no secret how much most people are attached to their cellphones, but now TeleNav has released a survey showing just how willing Americans are to give up the finer things in life so they can still hang onto that handset.

“Think about this hypothetical situation for a moment: What would you be more willing to give up so you could still have your mobile phone?”

At the MASHABLE article I’m quoting you can see the chart which tells us that 34 % of people would give up sex for a smartphone and 54 percent would give up exercise for one. (I’d have thought most of them already did) .

So one third of the people they questioned would rather have the phone over sex. Not phone sex. But the phone instead of sex, if they were given some kind of ultimatum.

I probably don’t need to point out the frightening level of disconnect that suggests.

The irony is astounding. These devices are sold to us as a means of communication. They often cut off direct communication with people around us.

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