My One-Paragraph Review of AD ASTRA

I think it’s a good, very worthwhile, science fiction movie. Does it really show “what space travel is really like” as they boasted? I don’t think so, not fully. Is all the scientific rationale so tossed off quite believable? I doubt it. (I will defend the relatively short trips to Mars, and only 76 days to Neptune — I infer, though they were really trying to avoid any explication along those lines, that there are faster vessels in this future, and indeed faster ones are being planned, fast enough to make this work). I’m not at all sure about the antimatter repercussions from one position on Neptune having a big effect on Earth. There is one journey through the rings of Neptune that seems a little…well, fortuitous if not wildly improbable. But jeez, if you just don’t get too persnickety about such things, the human side of it is so well done. The journey to Neptune is both an adventure tale and a metaphor for a journey into solitude meant to end solitude. Poetic and true. They were bold too, with their lunar raiders. Fine acting, especially from Brad Pitt. Good dialogue.Much powerful imagery, some of it reminiscent of 2001: A Space Odyssey. (Homage?) Lots of eye candy. Sharp directing.


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