Why the uptick in Shark Attacks? Why the Increase in People Losing Limbs from Flesh Eating Bacteria?

“Two people bitten by sharks minutes apart at Florida beach” – that’s the headline. Well here’s another headline: “Thousands of whales are dying”. What’s the connection? Because we, humanity, are overfishing the ocean, and taking away the creatures sharks and whales normally feed on? Partly. But there’s more. We are all the sponsors, the promoters, the cultivators of climate change which causes widespread death amongst sea creatures, wrecking their normal ecosystems, reducing populations even more than overfishing. Climate change, which displaces and kills sea lions and seals and other prey of sharks and orcas. We’re also killing whales and other sea mammals with plastics flushed into the oceans.

More and more people are stricken by flesh-eating bacteria. Necrotizing Fasciitis. Their limbs are rotting off them because a deadly quick-acting antibiotic-resistant bacteria got into them, sometimes through a break in their skin during a visit at the beach or a lake. Some of it is spread by mosquitoes, carrying pathogens normally restricted to the tropics, moving North because of climate change–climate change caused by greenhouse-gases pumped out by human beings. Dangerous bacteria are encouraged in increasingly warm seas and beaches and in the wild; pathogens cultivated by the heat of climate change.

As for the sharks–they have to feed on something. Mother Nature apparently thinks it’s only fitting that she nudges sharks to feed on the causes of their famine.

Swimmers, surfers, more than ever attacked by sharks. Rotting whales piling up on our beach.  People are getting sick as never before from ordinary contact with the wild.  We get the oceans and the beaches we deserve. And today, a new headline. This is for real, from KHOU 11 in Crystal Beach: Shark bite victim is now fighting flesh-eating bacteria.

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