Washington Post’s UFO obsession–and now it’s Alien Abductions

Been a lot of UFO articles in The Washington Post lately. Now there’s a piece about the Pascagoula abduction story in WaPo. Probably someone on staff into UFOs. But also–I think that in times of national stress (Trump’s our stressor and a huge one) people tend to see or think about UFOs more. They’re escapism. They’re, subconsciously, “a way out”.

Those of you who know me can guess what I think re Pascagoula. Here’s WaPo today recounting the story from the fisherman who claimed to be abducted with his friend :

“I was just getting ready to get some more bait,” Hickson told The Washington Post in 1975, “when I heard a kind of zipping sound. I looked up and saw a blue flashing light. Calvin turned around too. We saw a 30-foot-long object with a little dome on top.” As it hovered just above the ground, three small creatures emerged, also hovering, he said. The men were suddenly paralyzed. The creatures grabbed them with pincer-type claws and pulled them toward the object, he said. “I floated inside,” Parker told the Biloxi Sun Herald in 2018…Hickson said they were subjected to a physical examination by something that looked like a “big eye,” a constant mechanical sound buzzing the whole time.

There are the usual skeptical explanations (which you’ll find toward the end of this piece) but there are two non-ET explanations I never hear. One is that in 1973 psychedelic drugs were widespread in the USA. Suppose one of them convinced the other to get high, saw a hallucination, then convinced the other as to what he saw–got him to share in it through suggestibility. Told him this and that was happening hence the same stories. . .

Another explanation, far less likely, is that it was all staged for these guys as part of an psy-ops experiment. Jacques Vallee once told me that contacts in the French Secret Service admitted staging a UFO abduction in France. Could this be something of the kind staged by American intelligence?

But most likely it’s basically what the skeptics said (quoting from wikipedia): ‘Aviation journalist and UFO skeptic Philip J. Klass found “discrepancies” in Hickson’s story. When Hickson took a polygraph exam, the examiner determined that Hickson believed the abduction story, but Klass argued that the test was administered by an “inexperienced” operator and that Hickson refused to take another by a more experienced police operator. Klass concluded the case was a hoax based on these and other discrepancies. Skeptical investigator Joe Nickell wrote that Hickson’s behavior was “questionable” and that he altered or embellished his story when later appearing on television shows. Nickell speculated that Hickson may have fantasized the encounter with aliens during a hypnagogic “waking dream state”, adding that Parker’s corroboration of the tale was likely due to suggestibility, since he told police he had “passed out at the beginning of the incident and failed to regain consciousness until it was over”.’


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