You know, people who, for example, think they can affect the greater world *at a distance*, without in-person kinetic interaction; who think they can affect objective reality with some Deepak Chopraish visualization alone, or through ritual magic, or simply through prayer, are like people who might try to leap into a certain very powerful white-water river to show they can swim directly upstream…those people are going to get swept helplessly downstream and right over Niagara Falls. They’re done for.

Probability itself, as it plays out in the universe, is like that intensely coursing river. It may be technically true that it’s all just soft, pliant drops of water, but added together in the context of gravitation and mass, it’s an inexorable, unstoppable flood.

Another dimensional level, or rather inclusivity, is the way to work with the math of probability to our benefit: the way of consciousness. The more consciousness we have, developed through work with attention and presence, the more we can respond intelligently to the dance of probability, and be in right relation to the playing out of universal laws; to be in coordination with the interaction of probability and chaos. Through expanding consciousness we learn a dance that puts us in relative harmony with the torrent of probability. Lao Tzu comes to mind.

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