IF Biden gets the nomination I’ll vote for him, but he just lost my enthusiasm…

Let’s get this clear. Biden is not Harvey Weinstein. Biden, unlike Weinstein, is not masturbating into potted plants. He’s not engaging in serial sexual harassment, major casting couch pressure, or, allegedly, rape, like Weinstein. Biden seems to have a grandfather complex and all young women are his granddaughters. But sometimes, you get to a certain age, you might mix up some unconscious sexual impulses with grandfatherly fondness, even if you’re not actually touching naughty parts. And that’s what he seems to have done.

I was sorta kinda okay with him clasping a lady’s shoulders and kissing the top of her head “in encouragement” though she thought it a bit weird. I thought, grandfatherly stuff. But now there’re many accounts of him touching his forehead to a girl’s, clasping her hands, and saying, “You’re a pretty, pretty girl.” This is at least close to sexual harassment. I don’t think it’s in his mind in any conscious way, to hit on anyone, or to consider sex an aspect of the contact at all. But it has that ‘bubbling from the unconscious’ feel about it. And he’s feeling her hands and forehead, speaking of feeling, as he does this “harmless” thing. It’s a “back off Uncle Joe” if you’re doing it at a wedding or something. But the guy is poised to run for President. He’s too old, in several ways, clearly. And too insensitive to women’s feelings; and unclear about the extent of their personal space.

Joe, don’t run for President. There’s too much of this. By this–check out this picture, and the lady’s expression–and consider that she’s a sexual abuse survivor:

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