Complexity is frightening. It implies effort.

People who manipulate media politically know that complexity is the enemy of propaganda. Complexity overwhelms, frightens people. Obama loses support because he openly accepts & deals in complexity.
Out of social complexity, over time, arises something that, while not simple, is anyway relatively distinct: a general trend. Some nudge it one way or another, when you’re not looking.

George Orwell is increasingly proven right on the money.  Mao’s remark, “Political power grows from the barrel of a gun”- not so much, now. It grows from the TV screen, from cable news, from talk news, from political ads; from the internet. In this country it emanates from media.

People now are more concerned about voting for American Idol than voting for President (a line from the Thom Hartmann show).
“Spin” spins the threads that make the noose.

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