the most valuable vintage items of all.

Vintage. It’s all the rage. Vintage clothes, vintage furniture, even “vintage” can openers. People value it. It’s a bit more than a fad, part of our culture now. Like antiquing but…vintage. Antique Roadshow, American Pickers. “Look, it’s vintage, how adorable!”

Well, few people appreciate vintage human beings. Not many do, and not much. There are exceptions, but usually no one but other vintage human beings appreciate vintage human beings. Seniors are the best kind of vintage. They have class, their own style, associated with the culture they were born into and the cultures they’ve lived through; they’re imprinted by what they’ve lived through, what they rejoiced in, and what brought them sorrow. They are “distressed” – like the distressed new clothing that is sold. They are often repositories of wisdom.

But rarely are they appreciated for it. The most important “vintage” is often abandoned to a lonely end.

“What do you want me to do, buy an elderly person and put them in a cabinet?” That’s the way people think. They can’t think of any other kind of appreciation…But senior citizens are interactive. They won’t just sit on a shelf and gather dust. They’ll talk back. They’ll tell stories. They can impart skills and meaningful memories…

Now, that’s some valuable Vintage.

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