Can I Change My Spirit Animal?

When I was a young man, very young indeed and a student at the Clarion Writer’s Workshop, a Native American fellow also attending told me my spirit animal was a hummingbird. I was young and wildly overactive and always making a noise as I flitted from thing to thing, so I get it. I didn’t care for the spirit animal–I wanted something cool and powerful, like an eagle or a mountain lion. What’d I get? A trifling little hummingbird.

Oh yes, I’ve come to respect hummingbirds, who migrate great distances with their tiny, gemlike little bodies. But I still want my spirit animal to be an eagle or maybe a red tailed hawk or a vampire bat or something else cool like a Tasmanian Devil. I wonder if one can apply for a change of spirit animal at some bureau. I’m afraid if I locate the spirit animal bureau, on whatever higher plane, they’ll tell me that it’s already been changed: At age 65 my spirit animal is a waddling old goose.


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