Macho Napping

I’ve been taking more naps lately, as I’m a bit older now– BUT…I say there’s napping–and then there’s napping *like a real man*. Yes, I nap with male swagger. If I snore I snore like a badass. I flip over in my sleep with a sexy turn of my hip. I keep my hands clenched into fists as I snooze–ready for action if needed. I have my lips formed into that early Elvis Presley sneer the whole time. It’s MACHO napping. It’s MASCULINE, bad-boy napping. It’s kick-ass, tough guy napping. I have my chest thrust out like a United States Marine standing at attention. My biceps are pumped up as I sleep. When I drool, it’s manly drool. MANLY napping, sensual male napping–it’s a thing.

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