Is Trump Deliberately Laying the Groundwork for Civil War?

It’s been obvious to many of us that in time Trump will bring violent death down upon America *from within*. A scaled down Civil War is not impossible–at any rate, people are likely to be killed, quite a few people. We noted the foreshadowing of the coming conflict at his campaign rallies where he gleefully incited violence. There are already warnings from right-wing radicals that if there’s an effort to impeach him, liberals will be attacked.

Now Trump is harping on the fantasy that the FBI was used by the (quite unreal) “Deep State” to spy on him. “Spygate” he calls it. This and his other efforts to characterize the Justice Dept as an enemy of his administration –thus, an enemy of the people–creates the illusion, in the minds of his followers, of “America under siege”. A respected arm of government is smeared, and is seen by more and more people as as besieging “real Americans”. Delusional wingnut views of government that used to be in malodorous little pockets are now widely shared–a situation that cries out for violent resistance in the minds of more and more Trump devotees.

Trump’s demagoguery is disseminating anti-government conspiracy theories more widely; they’re cultivated in this atmosphere, they’re given a veneer of respectability and a pseudo validity, and will spread out of their wingnut hothouse and across the land. Combine this with his allying, quite recently and baldly, with the NRA, bringing the popular misreading of Second Amendment to the fore.

Encouraged by the mainstreaming of their shared delusion, his minions will rev up their hulking four by four trucks and load them with weapons; they will, in their fantasy of butthurt “patriotism”, collect explosives and ready them. They will resurrect the memory of Timothy McVeigh and they will whitewash and canonize him and seek to do what he did. Small and large acts of violence will become the norm in “the defense of the second amendment and the President”. This nation is a tinderbox–Trump is becoming a social arsonist.

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