Tiny Bunny, Giant Urban Landscape

Saw a tiny little bunny in a parking lot. Little brown bunny. Shoulda taken a picture. A very young wild rabbit not much bigger than a kitten. It was next to the car wash where I was waiting, and there was a very large vacant lot with only broken concrete in it, and there were some bushes growing up here and there, and to one side was a major freeway with giant trucks just roaring by.

The traffic was pounding the asphalt. And there was an area near the freeway with a whole lot of blackberry bushes–maybe he came from there. WIld animals live in urban places, around the edges, raccoons galore and possums and raptors and feral cats and rabbits and rodents. This one seemed so much in contrast,so defiant just being there, with cars on a major highway on one side, giant trucks on the freeway on another, a sprawling vacant lot, hideous stripmalls…all that…and the little brown rabbit.


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