Once, billions of years ago, a vast sea of mind realized that due to inexorable physical laws resulting in “matter”, it was becoming subject to entropy. Time was making it slowly, slowly, very slowly bleed. It set into¬† motion a process to restore itself. The process gave a nudge to the material of the new, expanding universe, with a particular spin on action and reaction, which would cause “matter” to organize itself into what is sometimes called “living organisms”. It did not create the life, it only suggested the possibility, and once it was potentiated it gave it the tiniest but most exquisitely precise of nudges, so that it would develop, in a primitive form that, all on its own; so that it would tend to engage in a process of natural selection, making agglomerations of cooperative “cellular organisms” more likely. This process also led to more longevity and efficiency in some organisms.

Each organism had within it the tiniest speck–sometimes just one micro particle–of the material that becomes mind. This material emanated a very faint energy, as the original mind had supposed it would, which would be harvested, stanching the bleeding of the pondering vastness.

The great sea of mind kept a sort of fifth dimensional tendril in each small organization of “life” so it could see itself and its body, which was the cosmos, from the point of view of that discrete “organism”. This created another source of a very particular type of energy that fed the vast sea of mind. The vast mind knew that the process, once set in motion, which did not need it for any creational input, would eventually create organisms capable of processing the world with more and more refinement. These processes involved conflicts of yes and no, action and reaction, which released fine energies of ever more refinement. The more intelligent the “organism” the more refined this energy. In all the cosmos, there was very little of this refined energy. It was rarer than rareness. The whole process had been set into motion to create it. The participation of the vast mind’s tendrils in the experiential being of the intelligent “organisms” added the other energy form needed; the two together created a third form, which was even more exquisite, and which was needed to knit up the injury caused by the process of entropy.

Additionally, the vast sea of mind “enjoyed” the mirroring of its self through the subjective experience of “the organisms”, which created an endless living cosmic drama, with an unspeakably gigantic display with all the pleasures of music and theater. The vast sea of mind decided that…it was good.

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